A conversation for change, with Mainak Dhar
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A conversation for change, with Mainak Dhar

Change requires courage, the courage to accept that the future is here, to accommodate innovations for better performance, and above all, to be wholly aware and rediscover oneself.

How can you become self-aware and find clarity of purpose? How do you realize your true potential? How do you combine this to bring about a change to your business? More often than not, all it takes is a tiny bit of courage!
In this insightful webinar, Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder, Group Chief Executive & Vice-Chairman Fractal, talks with Mainak Dhar, MD & CEO (India & South Asia), Kimberly – Clark, and popular Author, on all this and more.

Mainak reflects on his journey as a writer and how he receives feedback. He illustrates how to achieve the much elusive work-life balance in an enviously simple manner. He talks about the importance of being self-aware and how that helps in bringing the best self to work. Most importantly, he talks about the common thread that ties all this together; personal branding. The need for personal branding in today’00s world of networking has become imperative for several reasons, the predominant one being giving oneself the clarity of purpose. Mainak explains how all of this has helped him initiate progressive decisions and implement change in the Fortune 100 companies he has been associated with.

Srikanth’s carefully constructed questions present you with Mainak’s exciting, and authentic insights into how business leaders with complete self–awareness to help transform businesses to truly be a part of the consumers’ lives. Mainak also throws light on the importance of Artificial Intelligence and why businesses should adapt to AI to be future-ready, rather present-ready! He explains the need to transition from -old methodologies to AI to understand consumer needs in real-time andaccelerate performance. He emphasizes the importance of identifying change agents within the company to establish AI-led decision making. He backs his philosophies with transformational stories he has helped write as a business leader.

Srikanth and Mainak explored the biggest challenges that companies will face year post the pandemic situation to wrap up the conversation. They discuss the need for high performing teams and strategies to build them to meet the future head-on. Like Mainak says, all it takes is a bit of courage!