Anurag Vaish

Anurag leads the intersection of AI, engineering, behavioral sciences and design at Fractal. He co-founded FinalMile Consulting, the world’s first Behavioral Sciences based design and strategy firm. He comes with an extensive experience in driving behavior change in complex contexts like digital learning, safety, HIV, financial decisions and health choices across US, Africa, Europe and India. He has developed the proprietary Design process – Behavior Architecture – that takes into account the predominantly nonconscious nature of human decision making.

Anurag has a keen interest in the intersection of AI, Engineering, Behavioral Sciences and Design to solve the most complex decision problems at scale. He has previously worked at DeBeers, Wipro, Bharti Telecom and IMRB. He has done his Masters in Business Economics from Delhi University and completed his study on Continuous Learning: Model Thinking, Gamification and Cognitive Sciences.