Fractal’s APAC CAB 2022 (Asia Pacific Client Advisory Board) took place on February 23-24 and brought together pioneering leaders from Fortune 500 companies. The virtual event allowed business leaders to indulge in knowledge sharing and participate in inspiring sessions on enterprise vision, leadership, and more.

The focus for this year’s APAC CAB was building a data-led decision culture within the enterprise. In a post-pandemic digitally accelerated world, businesses need #betterdataculture to arrive at #betterdecisions. The multiple interactions at CAB revolved around the importance of establishing a data-culture framework. Some of the key questions that were answered include,

  • Why should businesses pivot towards a data-led organizational culture?
  • How can organizations inculcate a data-driven mindset, and what are key drivers to enable this?
  • What is the role of data in customer experience?
  • What are the required leadership skills to build lasting success through data?

CAB Day 1

Fractal’s Co-founder and CEO, Srikanth Velamakanni, welcomed the APAC CAB members and took them through a presentation on rethinking AI adoption.

He talked about the key drivers to accelerate AI advantage, stressing the importance of approaching challenges with a user-focused, decision backward lens. Insightful use cases further illustrated his point on how data should be perceived in the context of a narrowly framed problem statement to add real business value. He concluded his talk by emphasizing ways to drive data culture, leading itself into the following sessions for the day.

The second session of the day focused on handling data strategy for the global market, and the need to explore and build a comprehensive data culture framework. The five key enablers of data culture are people, process, culture, technology, and data. Data literacy and data democratization are the ways to strengthen these enablers. The session discussed these points, while the Q&A further covered interesting strategies to get the C-Suite on board when pushing for a data strategy.

Of course, the end goal of any data strategy is to add customer value. Emma Gray’s session unpacked how data drives digital transformation for the best customer experience. She explained why businesses should invest in uplifting data quality and the many ways to achieve this.

Day 2

The event’s second day was dedicated to strategy meetings and Mark Thomson’s leadership session on ‘Success built to last.’ This interactive session nudged participants to open up with answers to help define success through memorable moments and people. Mark also elaborated on the three key transformational traits that enable leaders to achieve lasting success. The session drove home the power of productive paranoia and disruption for value creation and the importance of being a change agent through experiments.

The event was hosted by the friendly and energetic keynote speaker, James Taylor. Fractal looks forward to conducting many more CAB events, enabling #betterdecisions for enterprises.