Preview Fractal demos at NRF 2024!

This year, Fractal is again pleased to be at NRF at Microsoft booth #4503, presenting its key AI-powered solutions for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG).

The solutions showcased at NRF 2024 are:

  • Trial Run, a solution to help execute ideas with minimal risk and maximum insight through business experimentation.
  • Crux, your Generative AI-powered personal analyst
  • Competitive Intelligence, which provides real-time insights into competition pricing and assortment strategies.


1. Trial Run: Enhance decision-making leveraging business experimentation

Unlock a world of possibilities with Trial Run, a cloud-based test management solution. The solution enables retail and CPG companies to gather valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends to help retail and CPG companies.

Whether it is pricing, promotions, or store layouts, Trial Run empowers companies to make data-driven decisions for a seamless customer experience and increased revenue.

2. Crux: Your generative AI-powered personal business analyst

Crux Intelligence Copilot enables decision-makers to quickly gain insights about their KPIs to make informed decisions more easily and faster.

This Generative AI-powered and voice-enabled solution allows users to interact with their data easily by asking questions in natural language.

3. Competitive Intelligence: Real-time insights on your competition’s strategies

Stay ahead in the retail game with Competitive Intelligence. This solution delivers real-time insights into your competitors’ pricing and assortment strategies.

By harnessing online competitive information, organizing it, and presenting it in an actionable format, Competitive Intelligence empowers retailers to make smarter pricing and merchandising decisions for sustainable and profitable growth.

Learn more about those solutions or book a slot for a private demo with our team at NRF here: