Transform Customer Digital Experience with AIDE

High digital abandonment rates are typical for brands across domains, driven mainly by the experiential issues site users face during their journey. Identifying these friction points can be burdensome for businesses as they need help digesting the new wealth of granular data generated along their customer’s digital journey.

Fractal’s Automated Insights for Digital Innovation (AIDE) is a smart digital solution for a broad range of industries, including retail, finance, insurance, and more, that uses a customizable open-source AI that works well with complex journeys, data security, and time-to-market needs for multiple industries. It helps make smarter decisions at every step and enables businesses to resolve issues quickly and increase potential revenue and leads.

AIDE helps:

  • Analyze millions of digital consumer touchpoints to provide insights to increase revenue, engagement, and growth for the business.
  • Identify the root cause of friction from call, chat, and website errors and use AI to parse out critical signals from all the unstructured data in the customer journey.
  • Get the most comprehensive insights into the digital journey to drive data-driven hypotheses for supporting A/B tests to drive website design changes to improve the consumer experience.


What is AIDE?

AIDE is a digital optimization platform that helps detect and contextualize the issues faced by visitors on digital channels. It acts as an intelligent digital solution for various industries, including retail, finance and insurance, telecommunications, tech, media, and more. AIDE uses customizable, open-source AI that works well with complex journeys, data security, and time-to-market needs for multiple industries. It’s an insight-orchestrated platform supported by natural language-generated insights. AIDE:

  • Selects the sales or service flow to influence particular focus points.
  • Identifies the selected data domains to create a journey sensor.
  • Helps detect the most important anomalies across key performance indicators.
  • Finds the friction point on the website using various journey sensors.
  • Helps analyze the customer voice to add context to insights.

Leveraging the power of the AWS cloud, AIDE is built on Amazon RDS, Redshift, EMR, LaMDA, E2, S3 and can be deployed in your AWS environment.


How can AIDE help my business?

AIDE product architecture

AIDE brings together data engineering, Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and UI capabilities to help clients:

  • Easily develop new data features from raw data to power downstream data analytics use cases.
  • Identify and locate precise points of friction on your company’s website, online events, or funnels.
  • Deep dive into the context of customer dissonance using the voice of customer analytics.
  • Prioritize the most critical areas based on value loss estimation.
  • Analyze Omni-channel customer journey analysis.
  • Provide user-friendly and intuitive UI for beginners and experts.
  • Provide root cause analysis of customer pain points/dissonance during the digital journey.


What can I expect from AIDE?

With AIDE, you can capture every in-page interaction and micro-gesture to understand the site user’s journey and identify frustrations and errors impacting conversion and self-serve rate.

AIDE helps companies remove friction and errors that spoil the visitor’s experiences. It also helps leverage best-in-class AI/ML modules to identify struggle points and recommend changes to drive design improvements using multiple features such as:

  • Sensorize: An automated AI/ML pipeline derives meaningful business indicators using the click activity across customer journeys.
  • Detect: Deviations from expected behavior across digital journeys get captured by applying pattern recognition algorithms to the key digital indicators.
  • Locate: A suite of supervised machine learning algorithms identify drivers of key customer journey outcomes (drop-off, clear cart, etc.) and measure relative impact at a page and click level of a customer’s experience.
  • Reveal: NLP module performs sentiment analysis and entity extraction on the voice of customer data such as chat; feedback etc. to identify the root cause of the friction and generate actionable insights.
  • Prioritize: Quantify the insights with respect to loss in revenue or incremental overhead costs to prioritize hypotheses for improving website design.

Overall, AIDE is adaptable and open source, making it a flexible solution for various needs and is effective at addressing the complex customer journeys of today’s digital world. It is secure and reliable, with a focus on data protection, and easy to use and deploy, with a quick time to market.


How do I get started?

AIDE is also available on AWS Marketplace. Contact us to learn how an AIDE solution can identify and reduce friction points, helping the business grow at scale.