Transforming business decision-making through autonomous AI Agent for data insights summarization and external research

Business decision-making through autonomous AI agents
Tanya Batra

Senior Data Scientist, AI@Scale

Envision a seamless flow of concise, timely updates from vital data sources delivered directly to your inbox. Read on to know about the transformative prowess of Fractal’s cutting-edge data insights generation, autonomous AI market researcher, one of our agents from our in-house Genesis platform. This innovation provides valuable industry insights using secondary/internet sources for external research and propels you ahead of your competitors in the race for business success.
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The Age of Autonomous

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Envision a seamless flow of concise, timely updates from vital data sources delivered directly to your inbox. Read on to know about the transformative prowess of Fractal’s cutting-edge data insights generation, autonomous AI market researcher, one of our agents from our in-house Genesis platform. This innovation provides valuable industry insights using secondary/internet sources for external research and propels you ahead of your competitors in the race for business success.
Business decision-making through autonomous AI agents

Fractal’s Genesis project is carving out a new frontier in multi-functional agent technology. Engineered as a potent, unified platform, it serves as a nexus where specialized Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI come together to perform various tasks. Product creation on the Genesis platform is modularized as one can choose from a host of LLMs, cloud infrastructure (based on integrability), and deploy agents from the agent store based on the task to be executed. Every business process can be divided into different tasks and these tasks are executed by different agents through interacting systems and applications. Each agent (assuming a distinctive persona) makes decisions based on their experience and intelligence. Agents are supposed to be like these different personas where it can analyse, evaluate and execute actions on systems to achieve certain set of goals. This collaborative synergy ensures its capabilities can easily expand and refine over time as the platform evolves.

We’ve developed numerous autonomous AI market research agents in parallel, all intentionally designed to harmonize with one another as part of our long-term vision.

Genesis boasts a remarkable feature in the form of Luna – Market Researcher,’ one of our autonomous AI agents. Luna streamlines the intricate process of crunching through heaps of information from various data sources onto a unified platform, consolidating the information into easily comprehensible reports that provide valuable perspectives on industry trends and essential metrics.

Applications: Industry Insights at the Click of a Button

One of the unique aspects of our agent is its ability to aggregate data not just from uploaded articles or PDFs, but also by dynamically searching the web, i.e., mining secondary/internet sources to perform external research. Users select their industry, and Luna does the rest.

Business decision-making through autonomous AI agents

The Query Task: Structured User Interaction for Precision and Relevance

Unlike the typical unstructured interactions found in conventional chatbots such as ChatGPT, our autonomous AI agent adopts a meticulously structured approach to user input, guaranteeing pertinent and precise outputs.

To commence their journey, users begin by selecting their industry, and, if applicable, a sub-industry or specific focus area. Subsequently, Luna diligently generates pertinent keywords, cross-referencing them against well-established categories. Users are then empowered to cherry-pick one, multiple, or up to seven most relevant keywords, thus fine-tuning their research objectives. This allows our agent to dynamically source articles from a vast array of online resources, including reports, news websites, and blogs.

The Search Task: Advanced News Sourcing and Filtering with Our Tool

In the search task, Luna leverages API driven sources and sources relevant data from an impressive pool of up to 80,000 authentic news sources, with ongoing plans to expand this database. A sophisticated ranking mechanism sifts through this abundance of information to pinpoint the top 20 to 30 articles, adhering to predefined criteria. Our agent employs two pivotal filters. The first filter evaluates the credibility of the data source and is tailored to client preferences. The second filter employs a “majority vote” mechanism, affording greater trust to information corroborated by multiple sources. The accuracy is determined through statistical validation via a majority vote. When information appears consistently across multiple sources, it is considered more likely to be accurate. This amalgamation of filters effectively sieves out inaccurate information, making them the primary mechanisms for ensuring data reliability.

Customized Mini-PDF Reports: Streamlined Industry Insights

Upon culmination of this meticulous process, Our Genesis agent Luna–market researcher, produces a concise yet comprehensive mini-PDF report that encapsulates the crème de la crème of the selected articles. This report offers users a swift yet comprehensive overview of the latest industry developments and trends. In a harmonious blend of structured selection-based input and flexible interaction, our agent layers qualifications and verifications, guaranteeing that the reports are not only pertinent but also impeccably accurate. These carefully curated reports are sent to your inbox weekly, either once or twice, to help you keep abreast with the recent developments in your chosen industry.

Business Success through Aggregated Macroeconomic Insights

Luna, our autonomous AI market researcher signifies a game-changer for C-suite executives and strategic planners who routinely navigate through vast troves of data in their pursuit of well-informed decisions. By automating the summarization of this data on a regular cadence, it liberates precious time, empowering leaders to channel their energies towards strategic initiatives rather than mired in the intricacies of manual data analysis.

While our agent’s primary target audience comprises large conglomerates and consulting firms deeply committed to maintaining their competitive edge – as they possess not only the capacity to harness the tool’s full spectrum of capabilities but also stand to reap the most substantial rewards – its adaptive and scalable design extends its utility to smaller businesses with a keen interest in harnessing the power of data-driven insights. This flexibility ensures that businesses of varying sizes can unlock its immense potential.

Precision Tailoring for Strategic Excellence through Domain-Specificity

Luna, redefines versatility by seamlessly adapting to various industries, including finance, healthcare, and more. Unlike generic solutions, which attempt to serve every organizational department, it specializes in empowering strategic minds. Furthermore, it is meticulously crafted to navigate and distill vast volumes of data, delivering laser-focused insights for informed decision-making.

Customization Potential: Data Insights for Your Unique Needs

Luna, our autonomous AI market researcher thus stands out with its adaptable nature, far removed from the one-size-fits-all plug-and-play tools that dominate the market. Utilizing a flexible Language Model (LLM), it can be tailored to match specific client requirements across diverse domains. In the medical industry, for instance, the LLM can be finely tuned to comprehend and process highly specialized information, ensuring its relevance and invaluable insights for medical professionals.

Transforming Industries: Empowering Healthcare Advancements and Elevating Consulting Efficiency

Luna shines across a multitude of industries. It empowers doctors and researchers to swiftly grasp the latest trends and research breakthroughs in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. By tailoring the agent’s inputs, professionals receive distilled insights of relevant developments, aiding them in making forward-looking decisions.

In the consulting realm, Luna, our autonomous AI market researcher becomes an invaluable time-optimizer by simplifying the often-cumbersome data collection and analysis process. It distills vital insights from a vast sea of articles and reports, providing consultants with a concise snapshot of the industry landscape. These empower them to deliver more impactful and personalized recommendations, enhancing decision-making.

Precision Reporting: Industry-Tailored Keywords for Laser-Focused Insights

Luna surpasses mere summarization by generating industry-specific keywords. This feature is particularly potent in crafting laser-focused reports. For example, in the oil and gas sector, our agent generates relevant keywords if you require a report on fuel prices. These keywords seamlessly interface with news APIs to compile a curated list of pertinent articles, eliminating the need for manual sorting and delivering a tailored report perfectly aligned with your interests.

Business decision-making through autonomous AI agents

Fractal’s Holistic Approach to Copyright and Privacy Management

In response to the escalating importance of addressing copyright infringement and protecting data privacy, especially in the age of internet data aggregation, our autonomous AI market researcher is built to adopt a multi-faceted approach:

1. Source Selection: Luna exclusively draws data from publicly accessible sources, minimizing the likelihood of encountering legal complications tied to copyrighted materials. Moreover, it refrains from scraping data from paywalled or restricted-access sources. This strategic sourcing approach ensures a safer environment for companies sharing these summaries across diverse platforms, including social media.

2. Client Data Integration: We empower clients by allowing them to upload their internal data for summarization. It’s important to note that this client-uploaded data is never stored within our model, adding additional privacy protection, and substantially reducing the risk of data breaches.

3. Data Referencing: Our Genesis Agent, Luna—market researcher goes the extra mile by actively referencing the data it summarizes. This heightened level of transparency fosters compliance with copyright and privacy regulations and reinforces the credibility and integrity of the insights it delivers.

Innovation-forward into the Future of Data Summarization and Data-driven Decision-Making

Our Genesis agent, Luna—autonomous AI market researcher is undergoing rigorous testing across diverse industries, a critical step to unearth potential errors and elevate its adaptability. Our ultimate objective is to craft a tool that embodies comprehensiveness and exudes dynamism. This dynamism equips it with the capability to discern and discard irrelevant data inputs while continually fine-tuning its performance to cater to the unique demands of various sectors.

Peering into the future, Fractal’s development roadmap charts an ambitious course, propelling the agent to become even more market-oriented and forge connections between its summaries and broader macroeconomic factors, ushering in actionable recommendations grounded in these profound insights. While presently confined to text-based summaries, our forthcoming innovations aspire to expand the horizons of the agent, including images, graphs, and tables for a richer, more nuanced data representation. Furthermore, we plan to seamlessly integrate Luna, our autonomous AI market researcher with SQL-GPT, another formidable asset within the Genesis suite, amplifying its data visualization capabilities.

In this era of disruptive technologies, Luna, our autonomous AI market researcher (among the suite of Genesis agents), is on the cusp of transcending its current limitations. It is poised to emerge as a versatile and profound asset for data-driven decision-making and transform industries across the board.

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