Gain behavioral insights from anonymous website customers
Gain behavioral insights from anonymous website customers
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Gain behavioral insights from anonymous website customers

The Big Picture

A technology giant, with a sales-centric business model, wanted to trace the journey of its potential customers even before they register on its website. The company wanted to increase conversion rates by identifying anonymous customers with high engagement scores and buying intent. It also wanted to visualize millions of pieces of cookie information in one unified view.

Transformative Solution:

The company’s website had 15 million visitors and 100 million website clicks per month. 12 million visitors were unregistered users and 3 million were registered. Of the unregistered users 10.5 million were anonymous users. And 1.5 million were identified using cookies and reverse IP. Cookie information was processed on unregistered users by using big data ETL processes (Hadoop and Hive). Tableau was used to visualize customer journeys that were found to have high engagement scores and buying interests.

Cookie-level information was connected with organization information to identify potential customers. The solution revealed that every unregistered visitor leaves traces about their activity on the web that can be traced back to their physical location and can be helpful to identify their interests and requirements. Organization information was identified for such anonymous visitors. Potential customers were identified to predict customer interests and buying behaviors.

The Change:

As a result of the solution, the company was able to:

  • Uncover organization information for 18,000+ non-registered users leaving web interaction data.
  • Map 18,000+ non-registered users to 4,000+ organizations.
  • Increase effectiveness of marketing campaigns by targeting 50% of the registered users who were earlier anonymous to the client.