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Craving NPS excellence

In the fiercely competitive hospitality sector, where choices abound, providing an exceptional customer experience goes beyond offering a comfortable bed. Success for establishments in this industry hinges on creating memorable experiences for guests. Distinguishing yourself through unparalleled service is a strategy that attracts customers and retains a loyal clientele.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is pivotal in this space. It is a crucial metric for businesses in the hospitality industry, offering a simple yet powerful gauge of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

NPS classifies customers as Promoters, Passives, and Detractors by asking how likely each customer is to recommend a particular product or service to their friends or colleagues. The simplicity of the score allows businesses to distill complex customer sentiments into a straightforward numerical value, offering a holistic view of overall customer satisfaction.


The daily grind: navigating customer insight challenges

Our client, a leading Asian hospitality giant with over 110 resorts globally and affiliations with over 4,500 resorts abroad, wanted to move beyond conventional, structured ‘5-star’ feedback and better understand the fundamental issues and problems their guests were experiencing. Additionally, they grappled with the dilemma of effectively allocating resources for maximum customer satisfaction.

Understanding the entire customer journey from bean to cup

In an evolving hospitality landscape, the business recognized the limitations of traditional feedback methods and the need to shift beyond simplistic star ratings. To make informed decisions that would make a difference to their guests’ experience, they needed to comprehensively understand the customer journey, from the initial decision-making stage all the way to the post-stay reflections.

The financial challenge of customer feedback analysis

Customer satisfaction is integral to driving growth, but our client grappled with the financial implications of allocating significant resources for feedback analysis. For our client, the monthly feedback analysis process required five individuals, a significant manual effort that cost the business $200–300 thousand annually. They needed a cost-effective alternative that maintained, or even enhanced, the depth of insights.

Crafting the perfect feedback analysis brew

The devil is in the details regarding customer feedback in the hospitality industry. Star ratings and predefined topics could not capture the subtleties of emerging issues and trends. Our client required a more detailed and insightful approach. They sought a solution that would enable them to understand gaps in the customer journey comprehensively. They aimed to analyze feedback across the entire customer journey, including decision-making, booking, stay, and post-stay.


Unveiling customer insights with the help of NLP

Equipped with natural language processing (NLP), our client leveraged conversational analytics and unlocked the secrets hidden in human discussions. Over eight weeks, we applied advanced analytics and NLP to process structured and unstructured feedback.’s advanced capabilities in automatic speech recognition and natural language processing enabled the comprehensive monitoring of conversations across various channels. The platform efficiently collected information and conducted sentiment analysis to enhance the overall understanding of user interactions. The insights gained from this process helped identify the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.

These were then used to create a live dashboard, immediately pointing out issues that required attention. This approach has been a game-changer, replacing the traditional, time-consuming methods with a more efficient and proactive system that identifies the areas that needed attention long before the issues became significant concerns and the source of complaints.

What we provided:

A blended formula for success

The challenge
  • Financial strain from manual feedback analysis
  • Limitations of star ratings and predefined topics
  • Inefficiency in collecting insights from patrons
The approach
  • Seeking a cost-effective alternative
  • Need for a detailed and insightful approach
  • Analyzing feedback across the customer journey
The solution
  • Leveraging NLP and conversational analytics
  • Utilizing automatic speech recognition and NLP
  • Implementing advanced analytics and NLP
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The immediate impact:

Savoring the flavor of success

Upon implementing the live dashboard, the results were swift and impressive. The client saw a 20% NPS improvement in six months, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. It directly indicates the likelihood of customers recommending a product or service, showcasing a positive shift in perception and increasing the likelihood of customers becoming brand advocates.

Cost optimization is vital for boosting profitability and sustainability. The client saw a 10% cost reduction over a short period, signifying that the strategic measures to optimize operations and allocate resources more efficiently were effective.

Sustainable Gains

Infusing sustainable success with every cup

The client anticipates ongoing enhancements in NPS, which is essential for long-term customer loyalty. An NPS score that is continuously improving demonstrates adaptability, responsiveness, and a sustained focus on exceptional customer experiences. This enhancement reinforces the organization’s customer-centric reputation, contributing to enduring satisfaction and business success.

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