Cloud Migration Analytics
Cloud Migration Analytics
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Cloud Migration Analytics


A global CPG client engaged Fractal to migrate their existing Petcare R&D Analytics application to Azure. The legacy, server-based application was used to analyze test results from pet care labs across the world. With a rudimentary security framework, the R/SQL engine was hitting performance limits.


The underlying algorithms had been developed by the client’s data science team. Extensive changes and enhancements were made to the algorithms to enable them to operate in R on Azure ML Studio.

Solution Framework

  • Migrated the application to Azure, with databases established in Azure SQL. Refactored the algorithms to work on Azure ML and the front-end application was re-engineered using the .Net framework.
  • Integrated the application into the company’s Active Directory, enabling highly secure authentication. In addition, extensive security enhancements were developed to further protect the information during transfer over the web.


The migrated application on Azure is now scalable and highly secure, including two-factor authentication.