Cloud Migration: Real-Time Data Platform
Cloud Migration: Real-Time Data Platform
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Cloud Migration: Real-Time Data Platform


A multi-national retailer needed a migration strategy and roadmap to begin its cloud journey. This included a next generation architecture to support the client’s real-time platforms (i.e. their online store).


Fractal developed a holistic solution framework to replicate all mission-critical customer data processes on GCP along with the required engineering efforts.

Solution Framework

  • Pipelines established to ingest store level sales data from on-prem databases to GCP Cloud.
  • Developed machine learning models to enrich the data and provide business insights.
  • Outbound REST API’s for easy consumption by downstream applications (Mobile, Web, Store Apps).
  • Orchestration of entire flow via Cloud Composer with API Security and Access monitoring using GCP Cloud Endpoint.


Fractal’s strategy streamlined the client’s operations, saving money and resources by implementing an optimal database partitioning strategy. Additionally, machine learning insights into customer purchase behavior resulted in the introduction of new SKU combinations in the client’s retail stores.