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Setting the sight for data quality and compliance

Data quality and compliance are essential safeguards for the electronics industry against financial chaos. Envision a scene where transactions unfold seamlessly, customers revel in relief from invoice headaches, and payments gracefully take center stage right on cue. Innovative, future-forward data management steers electronic companies through the intricacies of a technology-driven landscape.


Our client, one of the largest electronic companies in the world, grappled with subpar data quality and inefficient compliance systems

Nocking the arrow: operational challenges and framework efficiency

Operational challenges, such as inaccurate invoices and delayed payments, came up, highlighting the crucial need for robust data management. Their data quality framework proved cumbersome, labor-intensive, error-prone, and non-scalable, compounding challenges caused by inaccurate and inconsistent data.

Drawing back the bowstring: streamlined automation for precision and efficiency

Shortfalls in data compliance systems exacerbated the data quality challenge. Manual processes slowed improvement, increased error risks, and hampered adaptability to growing data complexity. A compelling need emerged for our client to revamp strategies, adopting streamlined automation for precision in financial transactions, heightened customer satisfaction, and enhanced operational efficiency in the competitive electronics industry.

Taking aim through a strategic data management strategy

The electronic giant thus promptly recognized the need to boost data quality and compliance through a thorough overhaul, shifting from manual, error-prone processes to an efficient, scalable, automated data management framework. This strategic pivot wasn’t just about fixing inefficiencies and strengthening the company’s resilience in the ever-evolving electronic industry. Success in these initiatives meant ensuring accurate financial transactions and maintaining customer satisfaction and competitive prowess.


Bull’s eye through advanced data management with actionable insights

Fractal partnered with the electronics company to establish a robust framework for insightful data management and reporting. The synergy led to the design of a solution capable of swiftly transforming information into actionable insights, facilitating crucial business decisions. At the core of the entire solution was the configuration of data rules, instrumental in identifying and addressing defective records in the data.

Solution stage Implementation details Objective/impact
Back-end setup

The team established a back-end engine for data extraction, data preparation, and data rules configuration on different data sets based on business definitions. The design of the output structure was aligned with dashboard requirements. The platform’s back-end was implemented on Qlikview and Hadoop.

The focus was to have an optimized process with minimal processing time, parallel processing, and data aggregations to reduce the storage space and enhance the user dashboard performance. The engine enables the storage of results that can be fed to multiple sets of dashboards.

Front-end technology Infrastructure

The team built front-end dashboards on Qliksense with on-demand app generation for quick detailed reports. The comprehensive setup of the big data platform was done on Hadoop on Azure/AWS.

By leveraging back-end dashboards and front-end dashboards like Qliksense technologies, our team enabled users to access detailed reports effortlessly, enhancing the overall efficiency and adaptability of the platform.

Data transformation and quality improvement

Backed by robust technological infrastructure, the solution successfully transformed the data cleansing operations, achieving faster reduction of data defects. It improved data quality and facilitated tracking of key KPIs, including Asset score, Coverage, and Conformance.

The solution achieved scalability for future requirements with the complete big data platform setup.


Revolutionizing data quality: unleashing insights, nixing defects

Streamlining the resolution of data quality issues became seamless through a unified platform, built on a rule-based approach to integrate cross-domain data from diverse sources effortlessly.

Immediate impact

Integrating the solution, our client could:

To drive sustained performance improvement, it’s imperative to conduct rigorous week-on-week Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analyses. This practice enables the precise tracking of data cleansing impacts, paving the way for the identification of novel data rules. By prioritizing critical areas such as top assets, critical data fields, asset scores, coverage, and conformance, the focus remains steadfast on catalyzing data quality enhancements. This strategic approach not only ensures the fortification of data integrity but also fosters a more robust and reliable system overall.


Boost in data quality index

4.3 million

Data defects reduced in 2019

Sustainable gains

Insights from our solution have empowered the cleansing team to proactively rectify information at its source, laying a foundation of precision and reliability. Looking ahead, our client wields the prowess to seamlessly track critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across diverse domains, enabling astute strategic decisions for greater adaptability and flexibility to navigate the myriad challenges and opportunities within the ever-evolving electronics industry.

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