Data platform for a large consumer goods company
Data platform for a large consumer goods company
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Data platform for a large consumer goods company


Businesses worldwide are collecting, analyzing, and using data to streamline operations, better understand their customers, and find new ways to expand. But it’s not a case of how much data you have; it is more about how you use it. Tata Consumer Products Ltd (TCPL), a prominent Indian consumer goods company, faced the critical challenge of managing diverse data sources while maintaining robust data governance and security.

Fractal helped to build data lakehouse architecture within its existing infrastructure, particularly in AWS and Snowflake, to harness the full potential of its data resources. This resulted in improved turnaround time on data collection and analysis of sales data from on-prem ERP systems.

Business challenge

The company struggled with their data in silos, which made integration between datasets difficult and meant that master data mapping was more challenging.

  • Lack of modern data platform: Integrating data from different sources and delayed data affected their business decisions.
  • Data source diversification: Difficulty in managing and combining data from SAP and various RDS systems, creating data silos.
  • Data governance and security: Maintaining robust data governance and security protocols across data domains is essential to ensure compliance and protect sensitive information.
  • Sales forecast accuracy: Enhancing the accuracy of sales forecasts is another challenge, as this directly impacts inventory management, production planning, and overall operational efficiency.

Approach / Solution

The company needed a holistic data management strategy and advanced analytics capabilities to make informed decisions and grow in the consumer goods market. They worked with Fractal to build a data lakehouse platform on AWS and Snowflake. The platform integrated data from various sources and provided sales KPI insights. The platform ensured data quality, security, and automation using various AWS services and tools. The solution was delivered in two months, showing Fractal’s expertise and agility.


The client now sees plenty of ongoing benefits from this solution:

  • Low latency of data availability
  • Accurate and consistent data
  • High throughput performance
  • Secured data governance
  • Integration of sales, purchases, and T&E data
Data platform for a large consumer goods company