All of the data in the world is of little use if you have no way to decipher it.

For one of the world’s largest electronic companies, this statement rang particularly true. Limited access to employee data through silos was restricting access to the key insights they needed, whenever they needed them. They wanted to create a solution would give them a central view of the vast data at their disposal.

Download our latest case study and learn how we created a single source of truth for their business by creating HR360, a centralized interactive dashboard.

When multiple data streams become a tangle, it can be easy to get your wires crossed.

The challenge

Despite having a huge database and an enterprise resource planning system capturing employee data, our client felt like everyone was speaking different languages when it came to data usage and insights. Efforts to harness the power of data was being duplicated, making efforts redundant and draining resources.

They came to Fractal seeking help to create a centralized 360° view of all metrics , enabling them to easily compare KPIs and trends across the business and ensuring efficiency in data extraction and management. We gave them HR360 – a centralized interactive dashboard that informed and transformed their business in all areas from retention to future strategy.

Harnessing the full potential of the data our client collected got everyone speaking the same language

The results

Don’t let data get lost in translation

Consistent KPIs amongst various groups of users and HR departments

This gave leaders across the business access to the same insights.

Don’t let data get lost in translation

Improved planning throughout the hiring process

Owing to the dashboard, with all of their employee data at their fingertips.

Don’t let data get lost in translation

Enhanced employee retention

Turnover forecasts were used to drive new retention strategies with their employees.

Don’t let data get lost in translation

Enabled strategic decision making through the HR360 dashboards

Forecasting and the ability to track key KPIs across multiple domains provided a significant boost.

Download the full case study

Download the full case study

Are you struggling to get all your data insights on the same page? Download our latest case study and see what our technology solutions could do for you.

Don’t let data get lost in translation

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