Forecast Accuracy
Forecast Accuracy
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Forecast Accuracy


A U.S.-based CPG company wanted a solution that could deliver high forecasting accuracy across multiple categories.


Fractal used Foresient, its AI forecasting and planning platform with extensive use of AWS services.

Solution Framework

EC2 provided scalable compute capacity for hosting the front end, back end and API’s of the application. EMR based on Spark was used to process and analyze huge volumes of data. The RDS service provided a cost-effective database and S3 stored information in the form of forecasts and models.


Foresient generated weekly forecasts by SKU, customer, channel and region-at-scale, which delivered actionable client insights into short, mid and long-term scenarios. Typical forecast accuracy is between 60% and 80% within CPG categories. Foresient on AWS delivered accuracy of 85% to 95% across six different categories.