We believe in the power of technology to aid in shaping a better world. Our emissions intelligence platform, Eugenie.ai, has been featured among select early-stage North American climate tech startups in the third cohort of Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change program and in the prestigious Google I/O 2024. This honorable feature is a testament to the transformative potential of our ‘AI for good’ endeavor through Eugenie.ai in our collective pursuit of environmental sustainability goals. Eugenie.ai’s algorithms apply Google Deepmind’s research, aiding energy use in Google’s data centers. Furthermore, Eugenie.ai streamlined the analytical model and data intelligence by integrating emissions information from the Google Earth Engine. We help manufacturers in the metal and mining, oil, and gas industries reduce their carbon emissions, one project at a time. Let us look at how we helped a major oil company step up its environmental accountability.

The challenge

Faced with the daunting task of monitoring expansive oilfields, our client, a Canadian Oil major aimed to improve its environmental accountability.
• The company wanted to identify heavy-emitting events across their oilfields and facilities in Canada and North America.
• Lack of site level emissions data and siloed nature of operations data led to problems in reconciling emissions with respect to identified anomalies such as equipment failure, process inefficiencies, or fugitives and leakages.

Our approach/insights

Eugenie.ai cutting-edge analysis tools helped overhaul the environmental stewardship for detailed surveillance and verification of emission sources, preserving ecological integrity.
• Eugenie.ai identified sources of satellite-based emissions data using Area flux mappers and Point source mappers.
• Area Flux Mapping: Utilized TROPOMI data to monitor regional sources of emissions using Polygon based visual inspection.
• Point Source Mapping: Utilized Sentinel 2 MSI, Landsat 8 OLI data to identify point sources of emissions.
• Plume detection studies using image processing techniques, and spatial and temporal patterns for point source confirmation.

Impact delivered

Eugenie.ai applied advanced analytics for an innovative environmental oversight approach, enabling dynamic response strategies that mitigate ecological risks. This solutions approach forecasts emission trends for strategic interventions, ensuring sustainable operations and compliance with environmental standards.
• Reporting the Lat-Long of candidate hotspots of emissions and potential impacts based on local weather, wind patterns etc.​
• Linked temporal variations of emissions patterns from the Satellite images to Eugenie’s AI based asset and process digital twin modules​.
• Major process & fugitive emissions averted due to early detections and interventions using Eugenie’s anomaly prediction and process recommendations​.