Shriners Children’s Hospital empowers physicians by mining clinical notes using Azure OpenAI 
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Shriners Children’s Hospital empowers physicians by mining clinical notes using Azure OpenAI 


Shriners Children’s Hospital, a leading US-based pediatric care facility, faced critical challenges accessing historical clinical notes and manual processes, hindering patient care.  

In partnership with Microsoft and Fractal, they harnessed Azure OpenAI to transform this process, empowering physicians with instant access to vital information and setting a new standard in healthcare data management. 


In the healthcare sector, where timely access to patient information is critical, Shriners Children’s Hospital encountered a significant challenge. Their physicians and researchers faced difficulties accessing historical clinical notes directly, which contained essential data for patient care. 

The manual process of extracting this information was not only slow but also hindered the hospital’s efficiency in quickly retrieving vital information. 

Moreover, the hospital found it challenging to derive insights from the extensive amount of structured and unstructured data they possessed. 


Recognizing the need for a solution, the hospital turned to Microsoft Azure. They established an Azure landing zone, ensuring a secure and scalable foundation for their data within Azure Blob Storage.  

To manage this environment efficiently, CI/CD pipelines were set up, allowing for seamless deployment and management of Azure resources. The centerpiece of this transformation was the integration of Azure OpenAI, which provided an interactive platform for physicians to interact with clinical notes directly. 


The impact of this technological advancement on the hospital’s operations was significant. We developed an interactive GenAI bot for the hospital, leveraging Azure OpenAI’s Q&A capabilities. This solution enabled instant access to the information within clinical notes. 

Also, the solution facilitated quicker information retrieval and enabled physicians and researchers to tap into previously inaccessible data. This helped them enhance their ability to provide informed patient care and conduct research. 

This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of AI on healthcare. By harnessing the power of Azure OpenAI, Shriners Children’s Hospital has set a new standard for patient data management. This ensured that medical professionals had the right tools to deliver exceptional care and innovative treatments. The success of this project serves as a beacon for other healthcare institutions seeking to modernize their data access and analysis capabilities.