Understand and predict key drivers of customer satisfaction
Understand and predict key drivers of customer satisfaction
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Understand and predict key drivers of customer satisfaction

The Big Picture

One of the world’s largest tech companies was looking to better understand the key drivers of its customer and partner experience program. The company was already tracking customer and partner satisfaction through equity trackers across segments and markets. It wanted to understand what drove satisfaction for each segment, and to be able to predict a satisfaction-score if it invests into a specific driver.

Transformative Solution

Several key considerations went into designing the solution. The first step was to identify the connection between various product and service features as well as equity measures to increase customer satisfaction. Several factors, such as quality of experience, service quality, and value, rated highly in terms of driving customer satisfaction.

Next was determining the optimal path that could be leveraged to drive satisfaction in a segment and quantify the importance of each factor. Then, the approach highlighted the brand’s strengths and areas of opportunity across segments and markets. This meant plotting the importance of various factors against the performance of a technology industry leader, and then identifying the “sweet spot” areas and improvement opportunities. The findings showed that ‘Customer Experience’ and ‘Understanding Customer Needs’ were well received, while ‘Innovation’ was rated much lower, offering the client an area of improvement to address.

The solution also helped identify commonalities vis-à-vis differences across segments. This involved plotting the contribution of drivers, such as quality of products and ease of doing business, across segments and markets. It also involved identifying the drivers where common interest lied or a disparity stood up across segments and markets.

A dashboard was created to simulate the impact of change in the satisfaction rating of a given driver through different elements in the equity map. The simulator used a nodal tree to then mimic the likely impact on overall satisfaction based on changes in the rating of different factors.

The Change

As a result, the client gained a globally live analysis that was capable of generating new viewpoints into trackers and satisfaction metrics.