Use AI to enhance customer experience and drive digital sales
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Use AI to enhance customer experience and drive digital sales

The Big Picture

For most legacy brick-and-clicks that sell mid to high complexity products, conversions on digital continue to remain sluggish, and businesses face a high degree of customer drop-off, cart abandonment, as well as confused and irrelevant customer conversations. The impediments to digital sales can be very unique for each visitor, such as insufficient product information, in-store pick-up issues, improper search results, price shock, poor product recommendations, and more.

Since most large businesses cannot recreate the digital experience from scratch, they need to adopt a rapid mode of continuous improvement. That means identifying what went wrong in the sales experience, what were the causes, and how the various improvement options can be tested.

Transformative Solution

For a leading retailer, Fractal deployed an advanced AI-based framework to create features from every digital interaction down to minute click-events and identified high-impact causative issues that negatively impacted the customer sales journey.

The Change

As a result of the engagement, the retailer gained more than a 25% increase in digital sales, by removing the impediments in the customer purchase journey.