Finance Controllership

Fractal’s Finance Analytics uses data engineering, advance data science, and visualization tools to create a system for continuous control and monitoring with automated reviews of financial statements, governance and control, return on investments and other activities where controllers are involved.

AI-ML solutions and automation bring in speed, accuracy, and efficiency to an organization’s accounting and financial reporting. We help organizations with interactive self-service applications with cognitive insights and futuristic views.


Below are our offering in this section:

  • Balance Sheet Management – Forming greater visibility behind what’s driving account balances & their full financial implications.
  • P/L Management – Transforming decision-making process by providing the capability to observe, certify and make judgments on P/L.
  • Record to Report – Reimagining record to report process using RPA and advance analytics enables automated, faster, and error-free books closure.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance – Enforcing financial processes and procedures to ensure integrity in day-to-day business practice.
  • Cost Management & Optimization – Enabling continuous discipline to drive cost reduction while maximizing business value.