Fractal Merchandize Analytics and Planning is a comprehensive set of solutions with data-driven insights to develop effective strategies for merchandizing, pricing, inventory management, and promotional activities. Retailers can get demand-driven recommendations on what to buy, how much to buy, and in what ratio, specifically for every store and channel. By analyzing customer behavior and preferences, retailers can make informed decisions about what products to offer, in what quantities, at what prices, and when to offer them. This helps retailers meet customer demand, reduce costs, increase profitability, and gain a competitive advantage.

Merchandize planning, assortment planning, range optimization, demand forecasting, price optimization, and promotion optimization are all key components of retail merchandizing planning and optimization that work together to help retailers optimize their product offerings, pricing strategies, and promotional activities to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Key areas

e2e Merchandize Planning

Align all financial, strategic, Top-down, Middle-Out, and Bottom-Up planning processes to improve efficiency, quality, and accuracy.

Build and manage customer-centric merchandize financial plans to maximize returns from inventory investments and determine assortment mix across channels, regions, and stores to maximize profits and minimize markdowns.

Assortment Optimization

Improve the efficiency of buying teams by helping define and execute compelling localized assortments shaped by customer behavior.

Leverage advanced segmentation and size profile optimization to maximize sales and margins to get the right product at the right time and quantity to the right location.

Intelligent Inventory Management

Ensure the right inventory placement, sensing and reacting to changing customer demand patterns. Create allocation and replenishment plans utilizing advanced allocation and replenishment optimization techniques to proactively position inventory, build flow plans that respect the end-to-end constraints of the supply chain.

Improve inventory efficiency with up-to-date visibility across all channels and supply chain networks

Price and Promo Optimization

Make effective pricing decisions to maximize profits and sell through with targeted promotions and markdowns. Recommend the right prices to keep inventory moving and minimize retail markdowns.

Intelligent markdown plans that do more than just clear inventory.