Decisions, Decisions… How to Choose an Analytics Tool
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Decisions, Decisions… How to Choose an Analytics Tool

AI and analytics are shaping a whole new world of simplistic problem solving for business, and it boils down to choosing the right analytics tool. Don Vadakan from Fractal, along with fellow experts from the industry, shares his experiences in this insightful podcast

Sankar Narayanan (SN) Podcast

Decisions, Decisions... How to Choose an Analytics Tool

Don Vadakan
Head of Sales, Fractal

AI predictions for 2021 show that 86% of companies believe AI will be the “mainstream technology” in business. The enterprise AI strategy accelerates digital transformation, and businesses are getting closer to their goals through insightful innovation. The key component to drive digital acceleration guiding it through the right path is AI analytics.

Analytics lies at the heart of seamlessly automating and improving internal and external processes in a business. From leadership dashboards to accurate personalization, analytics gets the job done; it is about getting the data right. Analytics help in designing descriptive, diagnostics, predictive and prescriptive solutions.

These contribute to demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, business monitoring, customer insights, and more. The use cases from across industries, especially in healthcare, retail, and even governance, are shaping a new world that solves complex problems in the most simplistic ways.

In this podcast, Don Vadakan from Fractal shares his perspectives on how analytics tools can leverage business and lives across verticals. Tune in to know more.