5th Digital India Summit & Awards

Speaker : Sandeep Dutta


Shangri-la’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Event Date

June 28, 2019


Panel Discussion II – Emerging Technologies for Governance and Public Service Delivery: AI, IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning and 5G

Session Summary

Digital transformation has brought a multitude of changes in our daily lives, from the way we interact with each other, to the way we consume content, to the way we shop, among others. India is on a path to its digital journey and, this time, the leap is expected to be more gigantic than ever before. Data will be the fuel of the future and digital will be the way of life. With devices becoming more connected, data is giving rise to a new economy with services consumed and delivered digitally. The Indian government’s focus on digital, with initiatives such as Digital India, Smart Cities and Future Skills, is expected to lead the country toward its digital future. The coming generations will undoubtedly enjoy unprecedented access to technological resources. The session throws light on the need to deliberate on various nuances of the opportunities available with the abundance of datasets. How best these datasets could be interpreted and leveraged, organized for an effective governance with the help of future generation technologies.

The other aspect – Digital Transformation can be seen as a deep and accelerating transformation with regard to processes, activities, competencies and models, in order to take advantage of the changes and opportunities offered by the inclusion of digital technologies into an eco-system. However, this advantage is only possible if the information systems of the organizations are aligned with these new technologies. The objective of the digital transformation is to seek benefits of digital technologies, such as productivity improvements, cost reductions and innovation in a committed manner.



5th Digital India Summit & Awards

Sandeep Dutta

Chief of Practice, Fracatal Analytics