Management Science And Practice (MSP 2016), Indian Institute of Technology Madras


A rapid summary of the relevance and use of analytics so far and the broad trend expected

Session Summary

Analytics has been a strong focus area and an investment decision for major companies across the globe. Most enterprises today are striving to drive every small to major decisions basis advanced techniques and technologies. Today, as increasingly more and more companies are offering similar products and services, customer loyalty can be built by offering products and services that are more relevant and personalized to the consumer. The optimization of processes can also be seen across disciplines such as marketing, operations, human resources through the use of analytics. Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence are disrupting the way enterprises are using data today, by bringing in a lot of sophistication in the results and reducing the turnaround time to get these decisions.

While many organizations have found success in using data to drive decision making in their organizations, there are many that are still struggling to use the data to their advantage. In the talk, Srikanth Velamakanni shall explore the common pitfalls in decision making in organizations and elaborate on the trends that are shaping the future of decision making.