NASSCOM Product Conclave

Speaker : Aarti Kapur


Machine Learning / Data Science & Analytics as emerging technology for predictions and business growth

Session Summary

This workshop will cover an introduction to the concepts of machine learning and data science and analytics, and how these emerging technologies are evolving and affecting us. This will be followed by what are the latest trends and how businesses are using these for gaining competitive advantage. We will then have a open house for questions and answers, and a discussion to gather ideas from the audience on how these technologies can be better used. Finally, we will go through a use case to see how at Fractal Analytics we solve our clients’ business problems through analytics by using advanced machine learning and data science techniques.

About the Speaker

Consulted with major market leaders for business operations planning and marketing effectiveness; Carried out research and implementation of advanced econometric models for transportation network optimization and demand forecasting

Kolkata, India

NASSCOM Product Conclave

Aarti Kapur

Principal Consultant