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Fractal is a top Build and Services, Data, and Al Partner with Google. As partners, we bring together advanced cloud capabilities and deep expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. We use analytics and a cloud-first approach to develop, operationalize, and scale Al solutions, helping our customers optimize and drive business growth..

We help our clients increase efficiency, transform the way they work, and adapt to cloud technologies with increased innovation to create impactful and appreciable results and serve them in their end-to-end data-to-decision journey. Fractal Analytics is a preferred strategic Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence partner to Fortune 500 enterprises across the globe in various industries.

We’ve built cutting-edge solutions enabling end-to-end digital transformation for clients across domains. With over 3,000 consultants working from 16 global offices, Fractal has been recognized as the industry leader for multiple AI and analytics solutions in the Forrester Wave™: Computer Vision Consultancies Q4 2020.

We understand how critical and timely decision triggers and information empower our clients to create, unlock, deliver, and realize value. With our goal of “powering every human decision in the enterprise,” we have a compelling suite of solutions that are quickly becoming essential for enterprise decision makers.

Fractal provides services to more than 25 Google Cloud F500 clients with its Google Cloud 360 Partnership:

● As a Partner: Fractal is a Google Cloud, Apigee, and Looker partner with 100+ certified Google Cloud Architects and Data Engineers.

● As a Client: Google is one of the top five customers for Fractal, so a dedicated member team serves Google including Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for business development.
● As a Service Provider: Fractal’s client projects and products are deployed on GCP.

Fractal Products on GCP

Fractal Solutions on GCP

Supply Chain Analytics – Plan, Source, Make, and Deliver. Use data insights to balance resources with requirements, establish relations for executing processes, and achieve real-time visibility across manufacturing processes with components of reliability engineering. Read More

MLOps – MLOps unifies data collection, pre-processing, model training, evaluation, deployment, and retraining to a single process that teams work to maintain. It is an ML engineering culture that includes practices such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Training, and Continuous Monitoring Read More



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Data & Analytics

Deep expertise in data & analytics with capabilities in domains such as cloud engineering, DevOps, digital analytics, data lakes and data platforms, business intelligence, and visualization. We unleash agile analytics within enterprises where data is imprisoned in legacy platforms and infrastructure requires not just an IT transformation—but a data-first approach driven by an analytics partner. 


Solved various challenging business problems across industries leveraging AI & ML solutions. Some of our focus areas within AI & ML are image and video analytics, text analytics, conversational AI, demand forecasting, and MLOps. Fractal leverages AI with big data to generate powerful insights that enable clients to make informed business decisions. 

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a strong focus for Fractal and we are exploring use cases in healthcare and the finance industry. Healthcare uses would include cases such as molecular and chemical simulations, whereas finance use cases would include dynamic portfolio optimization, risk management, quantitative analysis, and option pricing for complex derivatives.

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With over a decade of work with marquee logos building strategic.


With deep expertise in consulting, design, and delivery of large analytics.


With more than 15 years of hands-on experience serving 150+ banks globally.


By providing solutions and strategic partnerships around claims, customer.


Our consulting, product, and technical teams have deep expertise in driving.


With deep expertise in consulting, design, and delivery of large analytics.

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Clients Success Stories

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How do businesses set up and from AI Factory


How do businesses set up and from AI Factory


How do businesses set up and from AI Factory


How do businesses set up and from AI Factory


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