Fractal named a leader in computer vision consulting

“Customers gave Fractal top marks across all its capabilities and highlighted its understanding of the business need, project management, and technical superiority,” the report states.

Fractal was named a leader in the Forrester WaveTM: Computer Vision Consultancies Q4 2020, published by an independent market research company, Forrester Research. The report assesses emerging technologies and bases its analysis on a 10-criterion grouped into Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence.

Fractal received a differentiated rating in 6 out of 10 criteria. This included the criteria of Computer Vision (CV) design and strategy, CV model development, hardware deployment, solutions & accelerators, engagement success & vision.

Forrester report recommends, to find the right Computer Vision partner, customers can identify providers that have the “in-house CV experts to develop CV models from scratch (or customize pre-trained CV models from third parties) as well as the services to execute the myriad other components of a successful CV solution or a broader CV strategy.”

Fractal is recognized as a top CV provider in:

  • Demonstrating continuous investment in state-of-the-art CV technology & depth in Fractal’s vision to align well with current customer trends and future customer needs and ability to source, develop, and retain cutting-edge CV talent.
  • Having a differentiated approach in identifying and prioritizing high-value computer vision (CV) use cases and defining and refining the strategy as per project and client requirements.
  • Showcasing expertise in building technically demanding, customer-facing CV solutions.

Fractal was also highly recommended for:

  • Model development
  • Hardware and deployment
  • Engagement success

“Computer Vision is a rapidly evolving discipline and requires a great level of innovation and readiness to adopt and make it work to solve clients’ business problems. I view this report as validation of our vision, continued innovation, and strong execution.”

– Pranay Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO of Fractal

Focused on quality and superior solutions

Forrester WaveTM report states, “Fractal knows how to build technically demanding, customer-facing CV solutions, in part because it has built and productized its own medical imagery solutions, such as qER, an FDA-approved tool for identifying cranial anomalies in CT scans, and qXR, which analyzes roughly 20,000 patient X-rays per day.”

Fractal offers a wide range of Computer Vision solutions that include Image & Video Analytics Platform – IVA – built using proprietary AI enabled algorithms to deploy real-time AI solutions rapidly on edge or across all cloud platforms and – a product company, incubated by Fractal, which uses AI & deep learning techniques to provide an automated interpretation of radiology scans like X-rays, CTs, and MRI scans. Recently, received FDA® approval for one of its products and raised $16 million from Sequoia Capital and Mass Mutual Ventures.

Customers value Fractal, stating:

  • “Quality is the primary driver [for Fractal] — they cut no corners; they do not overpromise.”
  • “Fractal heard my request, understood my business need, and provided a far superior solution by leveraging their image recognition capabilities.”

Conclusion: The road forward with CV

Computer vision is an important area for research and application of deep learning technologies that requires continual innovation. Fractal has developed Industry-leading capabilities in computer vision by focusing on building best in class, innovation-driven solutions for varied problem statements for its clients.

Fractal will continue to focus on building solutions that bring the latest computer vision innovations to our clients and help drive impact across various industries. We will look to leverage innovative deep-learning architectures for building best-in-class accuracy and agile learning mechanisms like self-supervised and unsupervised learning for building fast-learning methodologies in sparse-data environments. The solutions are made to work on cloud or edge-based environments, using scalable architectures for big data and real-time processing. Fractal solutions look to bring AI, Engineering and Design innovations to build holistic solutions for client impact.

Use cases

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