Bringing Humanity
into Health

This data visualization artwork is part of the Beyond Borders Project by Fractal

Catching the curveball

On the heels of a pandemic
The story of how technology and human determination helped a country navigate through one of the toughest moments in world history.

Thank you for our conversation.
It was lovely to meet you at the HLTH Conference.

We are addressing complex healthcare problems by: 

Reimagining the customer experience

Improving clinical, population health, and health equity outcomes 

Enhancing sales, marketing, and operational effectiveness

Our customizable capabilities include...

Design and execute
population health
at scale
Identify leading behavioral
markers to move towards
Health Equity

Understand members’ needs with Speech Analytics, and craft better experiences on self-service channels

Improve your contracts, claims
handling efficiency with
Cognitive Process Automation
Obtain quick insights
from data for faster
decision making
Mine behavioral patterns and
sequences to predict Next Best
Action for every decision maker

Design Behavior Science, AI and Engineering systems at scale to increase adoption across the journey

Who you met from the Health & Life Sciences team

Matt Genonne
Chief Practice Officer

Favorite Book:
Fahrenheit 451

Kishore Bharatula
Head of Consulting

Favorite Food:
Hyderabadi Biryani

Neeraj Sharma
Head of Client Management

Favorite Movie:
It’s a Wonderful Life

Anindya Gupta
Head of Growth

Favorite Outdoor Activity:



Krittika Sharma
Behavior Design Lead

Favorite Band:
Fleetwood Mac

Shikhar Hasija
Principal Consultant

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Tarifa, Spain

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