What we do

  • Identify Objects with Precision

    Identify Objects with Precision

    Reveal valuable insights by accurately recognizing objects in images and videos. From surveilling people in real-time at events to detecting if products are in the right place in shopping aisles, AI can drive value in many ways.

  • Identify Objects with Precision

    Segment Images to Reveal Insights

    Create in-depth analyses by placing image objects into relevant segments. AI based algorithms can help insurers analyze home and auto damage to create more accurate claims for customers.

  • Identify Objects with Precision

    Discern Actions and Events to Enhance Experiences

    Understand customer behavior by identifying their actions from video—both in-store and in real-time. AI helps reveal how customers interact with products and brands to drive better experiences.

  • Identify Objects with Precision

    Gain Visual Insights in Real-Time

    Get immediate insights to take action when it matters most. AI algorithms enable real-time processing for a variety of valuable uses, such as face recognition.

Use cases


Our People

  • Suraj Amonkar

    Suraj Amonkar

    • Building horizontally scalable, easy-to-deploy AI solutions for various problem-statements
    • Innovation to extend cutting-edge AI capabilities for better accuracy for complex problem statements
    • Building next-generation capabilities that leverage A.I. algorithms and cutting-edge technology.
  • Rajneesh Kumar

    Rajneesh Kumar

    Senior Engineer
    • Delivering large scale real time big data solutions
    • Specialized in implementing scaled deep learning solutions across multiple business domains