Generate deeper marketing

Insights regardless

of your industry

Reach new markets effectively with greater data-driven insights into new markets


Stay ahead of changing customer preferences with effective demand forecasting and improved store operations


Learn how to drive more visitor traffic to your website with optimized outreach processes


Deliver highly personalized customer experiences to encourage more purchases in-game and out


Respond to your patients’ needs quickly and efficiently with automated processes to deliver personalized healthcare at a scale


Personalize and direct your marketing efforts towards highly profitable customer bases


Experience higher conversion rates and better customer loyalty through personalized digital marketing campaigns

How a data-driven approach can transform your marketing operations
Driving value through Integrated Marketing Effectiveness

16 years of global MMM experience across industry verticals

RAI influence
Marketing and Media Mix Modelling

Holistic MROI (short-term, long-term, indirect ROI), Traditional & Digital media interactions, Planning Platform, Automation

Unified Business Growth Drivers

Unified approach to identify all business drivers (beyond just marketing) for integrated strategic planning

Multi-Touch Attribution

Customer journeys across Digital touchpoints, granular marketing impact, using deep learning LSTM algorithm.

e-comm Business Drivers

Identification & measurement of off-platform and on-platform marketing impact on driving e-comm sales.

Shopper Marketing Optimization

Focused customer-level assessment of shopper marketing investments, in addition to brand media.

In-flight Optimization

Real-time tracking of KPIs across the marketing funnel, for optimization of digital marketing campaigns

Marketing and Media Mix Modelling
Unified Business Growth Drivers
Multi-Touch Attribution
e-comm Business Drivers
Shopper Marketing Optimization
In-flight Optimization
Marketing Performance Monitoring

Dashboards to track business KPIs across the funnel or marketing ecosystem

Marketing investment
Impressions delivered
Customer engagement
Equity / awareness

Enable better decision making