Analytics is booming in Bangalore. Ready for a date with data?

Published By : DNA

Experts say around 35,000 analytics-related jobs would be generated in India in 2014, with Bangalore alone generating 12,000 jobs.

Analytics is booming in Bangalore. Ready for a date with data?

Analytics has emerged as one of the most sought after professions in the city over the past year. The number of youngsters joining the stream more than doubled in 2013, the reason being a steady increase in the number of jobs coupled with attractive salary.

Bangalore continues to be the prime destination for those seeking a job in analytics industry. Of the 90,000+ analytics professionals in the country, the city recruits about 30%.

“Bangalore is the biggest recruiter in India for analytics, followed by Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai,” says Gaurav Vohra, CEO, Jigsaw Academy, an organisation that trains people in analytics.

With global demand for analytics talent increasing on the backdrop of business requirements growth, mainly in the US, job growth in this segment is expected to go through the roof in India.

According to experts, the overall analytics-related employment generated in India will be about 35,000 in 2014. In Bangalore, the figure is expected to hover around 12,000 jobs, while in Delhi NCR, it will be about 10,000.

Pure play analytics firms such as Mu-Sigma, Fractal, and LatentView would be among the top hirers, while firms such as Accenture, IBM, Cognizant and EXL services would be among the top when it comes to IT/BPO and other firms, says a report by Knowledgefaber.

Rohit Trivedi, associate professor, marketing at MICA, seconds the report. The institute provides specialisation in marketing research and analytics. “During recruitment time, we see maximum placements happening in Bangalore. Another city that is fast coming up is Hyderabad,” says Trivedi.

Sectors and salaries

Analytics professionals have an array of options. They can chose to be in a KPO, or an IT company or join any niche analytics firm. Additionally, some companies have in-house analytics teams as well.

A report by Jigsaw Academy says with an average salary of Rs5.6 lakh at entry levels, KPOs are the most financially attractive option to enter analytics. Financial benefits aside, KPOs offer some other options that make them a good place to work. KPOs offer analytics services to a wide variety of clients. This means they are able to offer their employees opportunities to work on different clients and different industries.

In the IT industry, an analytics professional can earn Rs5.5 lakh at the entry level, which can go upto Rs23 lakh at director level. When it comes to city-wise breakup of salaries, Mumbai leads the pack at Rs11.49 lakh, followed by Bangalore at Rs11.34 lakh.

“If we adjust these numbers for the cost of living, Bangalore will actually have the highest salaries,” says Vohra.