Fractal Analytics announces Customer DNA solution for personalized marketing

Published By : MarketWatch

Fractal Analytics, a leading provider of Big Data predictive analytics, announced today a breakthrough analytics solution that redefines the way marketers engage with consumers. Customer DNA is an advanced machine-learning solution that drives extreme personalization and relevance to increase affinity and loyalty based on a deeper understanding of each customer’s preferences. The solution has been implemented by a national retail group to enhance target marketing, store promotions, assortment and pricing.

Customer DNA infers consumer personality traits and preferences from behavior across multiple channels and from multiple data sources such as business transactions, consumer provided information, social networks and third party information. The Big Data that drive Customer DNA are processed by Hadoop for speed and efficiency. The solution applies an advanced scientific approach to continuously update and reassess what the system understands about consumers – based on what they buy, how they prefer to shop, how and when they respond to seasonal promotions or discounts, as well as how they express themselves in social networks.

Natwar Mall, SVP, Fractal Sciences at Fractal Analytics, said, “Customer DNA will bring back the personalized service experience that was delivered previously only by ‘mom & pop’ stores. It will help large organizations maximize revenue by targeting shoppers with efficient one-to-one message and offer interactions across campaigns and customer touch points.”

Mall added, “Data, science and technology are converging to create unprecedented opportunities to build breakthrough solutions for companies. In response to the high demand from companies that need to deliver a high ROI from Big Data analytics, we developed an advanced analytics organization called Fractal Sciences. Staffed by our best and brightest, Fractal Sciences’ mission is to apply the latest scientific advances and find new synergies across disciplines to bring more cutting-edge solutions to solve key market issues. The Customer DNA solution is among this team’s latest key wins.”

The Customer DNA model is designed to support both Business- to-Consumer and Business-to-Business organizations for retail as well as consumer goods, hotel and entertainment, financial services, insurance, airlines, and direct distributers. In addition to personalized marketing, the solution supports merchandise planning, product assortment and inventory management.

About Fractal Analytics

We believe analytics is critical to deeply connect with consumers, earn customer loyalty, make better decisions to reduce waste, and ultimately improve lives. Fortune 500 companies partner with Fractal to build breakthrough analytic solutions, set up analytical centers of excellence, and create a culture of data driven decisioning.

We solve problems, operationalize solutions to drive results, and ultimately drive change in organizations towards fact-based decisioning. We help businesses: (a) Understand, predict and influence consumer behavior; (b) Improve marketing, pricing, supply chain, risk and claims management; (c) Harmonize data, visualize information, build dashboards and forecast business performance.

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