Partner talk Auroville Papers

For the last few years we have been producing thousands of notebooks made out of paper collected from schools and offices of Auroville. On the cover there is a design describing step by step the process of how the notebook was made. So the children of Auroville and our clients are aware how we re-used this paper in a sustainable way. Keeping this in mind, we conduct 2-day paper making workshops during which participants learn the art of paper making and how to re-use their waste.
Auroville Paper is a place that gives its employees a clean environment, promotes their economic and social progress, and encourages their sense of responsibility and creative capacities. 73% of these employees are women coming from the surrounding villages.
We feel honored to be associated with Fractal CSR, an enterprise with an understanding of today’s world and who gives back to the community its innovative tools, for a world that is constantly changing.