Concordia is an AI and machine learning data mapping and harmonization platform that enables faster & automated data integration from multiple sources. It allows data sets to converse with each other for accelerated data to decision transformation.

Concordia’s mission is to democratize data usage across the enterprise by enabling faster data-to-decision transformation and reducing the effort and time that goes into data integration & manipulation. To make this happen, Concordia brings together decision intelligence with AED (AI, Engineering, and Design).


Artificial Intelligence

Data cleansing & mapping including profiling, standardization, matching, and enrichment

Collaborative and pre-built algorithms

The feedback loop ensures the platform learns with every user interaction



Automated routing of data

Big data architecture to support faster processing

Pre-built connectors for SAP HANA, API, SFTP, Data Lake, share-point, etc

Containerized modules for scalable adoption



Role-based user interfaces

Alerts & nudges for compliance and process

Output can be integrated with any visualization tool

Customer challenges

Concordia flow chart

Delivering at scale for business

Any Scale

Million of records with ease

Large scale engagement for 900 country-category combinations

Up to 2 million rows can be processed

Up to 100 GBs of data can be processed

Any Number

And type of fields

Name (Product/Store), address, description, size, variant, flavors, organization, lat/long, etc

Up to 100 columns/attributes handled & processed with ease

Structured text, unstructured text, Number, Date, Hyperlink, Yes/No

Any Model

And deployment option

Ability to move the capability in-house and remove the dependency on partners

Flexible engagement models (License, Managed service)

Multiple deployment options (on-premise, private cloud, Fractal managed systems, etc.)

Use cases

Master Data Management: Validate, enrich, and report updates to master data through a collaborative, team-based cloud UI powered by advanced AI algorithms.

Accelerated Analytics: Clean, map, transform & harmonize data from multiple data sources quickly to enable 360-degree analytics & visualization.

Self-serve Analytics: Democratize data lake by creating self-service analytics ecosystems, accelerating digital transformation and data harmonization by reducing the turnaround time by 50%.

Data Quality check: Manage data for consistency, completeness, and accuracy through outlier detection & identification of anomalies & automated cleaning of past records using AI.

Order-to-cash management: Always-on recommendation system for creating & maintaining master data related to an order, shipment, invoices & payment records for a seamless payments process.

Image & Video data management: Data lake enabled by Fractal’s Image & Video Analytics services to store, merge and unify structured & unstructured data for a complete view of the business.

Concordia Use Cases

Case study

Data Harmonization

Find how data synchronization and analysis platform, Concordia lead to an overall improvement of 50% in turnaround time for a Fortune 500 company.

Explanatory videos

Nexus: Reducing data to decision time for your business
Concordia: Harmonizing data for your business

Our expert

Our expert: Raj Nigam, Engagement Manager

Raj Nigam

Engagement Manager
Raj Nigam leads consulting & delivery of analytics programs in Supply chain, business intelligence and ecommerce for Fortune 500 CPG clients globally. He comes up with 10+ years of experience with specialization in implementing scaled machine learning solutions, Master data management & automated data-to-decision transformation.

Raj has done his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi and has keen interest in use of AI in data transformation, technical analysis driven trading & reading.

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