Enabling a path from Digital Transformation to Digital Optimization across CPG industry


Cloud adoption is revolutionizing the CPG industry in many ways, helping customers improve their operations and drive growth. For the past 22+ years, Fractal has been transforming the CPG industry in various areas, such as improving supply chain management, optimizing marketing and sales, enhancing product development, and improving customer experience.

Fractal's expertise in industry solutions like Sales Transformation, Supply chain Analytics, and Revenue Growth Management is transforming the CPG industry by enabling companies to make more informed decisions, drive efficiency, and improve the customer experience. With proven experience driving significant revenue and OpenX reduction, Fractal brings in strong AI, Engineering and Design capabilities to improve data management and increase automation.

Priority Capabilities

Industry focus Solution

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Digital & Ecommerce

  • Optimizing the customer journey
  • Early trend & anomaly detection
  • Digital dashboarding & alerts
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Revenue growth management

  • Portfolio Reorganization, SKU rationalization
  • Pricing & promotion optimization
  • Trade Promotion Optimization
  • Integrating E-Commerce
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Business & Finance Planning

  • Forecasting & Growth Drivers
  • Working Capital, Margin, P&L Analytics
  • Planning, Budgeting, Controls
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Supply Chain Transformation

  • Intelligent Sourcing
  • Dynamic Fulfilment
  • Smart Factory
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Sales Transformation

  • Sales productivity
  • SKU recommender
  • Beat optimization
  • Digital Merchandise & ROI
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Marketing Analytics

  • Market-Mix Modelling
  • Multi touch Attribution
  • Key business drivers, Omnichannel

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Targeted In-house Solutions

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