F100 Global Bank: Directional guide to enable continuous website and app design improvements

Business problem

  • There was a decline in credit card and personal loan applications over the last few quarters
  • The client wanted to identify the root cause behind the drop in the application rates through digital channels

Fractal solution

  • Fractal worked with the client's digital team and deployed a solution to capture in-page interaction and micro-gestures to highlight the errors in the digital journey that impact conversion
  • Fractal deployed AIDE (IP Solution) comprising different AI/ML modules, including data engineering and data science algorithms
  • This helped identify additional data features and friction areas on the client website and app

Business outcomes & impact delivered​


Incremental value benefit of $4M​


22% increase in credit card application rate


40% reduction in manual efforts to create reports​


50% incremental scaled features to build robust AI/ML use cases

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Google Cloud services​

Google Cloud Consumption Estimate
~$18,000 (annually ) for up to 2TB data during POC, full scaled implementation cost will vary based on the scope

Google Cloud services Big Query

Big Query

Google Cloud services Dataproc

Cloud Dataproc

Google Cloud services Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud services Cloud Composer

Cloud Composer


Persistent Disk

Fractal's value proposition

Fractal’s AIDE (Automated Insights for Digital Evolution) mines millions of digital touchpoints, along with external and omnichannel data.
It uncovers several microscopic factors that cause dissonance using a series of unique pattern-recognition AI algorithms.

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