F500 CPG Giant – POS Pipeline Automation

Business problem

  • Client wanted to extract the data from different sources and store it in a structured format in the GCP environment
  • Fractal designed a service where retail data was extracted from different sources like SFTP, Web Portal, and stored them into the Google Cloud storage

Fractal solution

  • Fractal built a data lake in GCP, and the entire process was automated and scheduled through Airflow
  • Fractal data was ingested into Big Query after doing a transformation

Business outcomes & impact delivered


Fractal was extracting the data and storing them in GCP, enabling a single source of truth for the client


Client has a robust and reliable source of analysis at their disposal by partnering with Fractal


Client was able to leverage the insights from this project and use it at crux of their future product strategy

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Fractal's value proposition

Modeling technique and algorithmic expertise helped solve the business challenge
Data engineering standards and processes were essential in ensuring automation and scalability of the solution

GCP consumption (estimates)

Fractal Deal Size - $ 55K USD

GCP Consumption Estimate - $ 100K USD


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