F500 CPG Giant – Sales Data Harmonization

Business problem

  • A F500 CPG client was facing problems in getting data from different sources.
  • The client also faced challenges in addressing the standardization and harmonization issues.

Fractal solution

  • Fractal used their IP Concordia to overcome the mapping challenges and define rule and DE capabilities to setting up the data warehouse.
  • Fractal helped in defining and developing the solution through a design thinking approach.
  • Development included data extraction, architecture, and deployment in Snowflake within GCP and consumption in a BI tool.

Business outcomes & impact delivered​


Fractal was extracting the data and storing them in GCP enabling a single source of truth for the client


Client has a robust and reliable source of analysis at their disposal by partnering with Fractal


Client was able to leverage the insights from this project and use it at crux of their future product strategy

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Value addition / accelerators​

Concordia IP
Design thinking approach
Analytics experience of Fractal team

GCP consumption (estimates)

Fractal Deal Size - $350K

GCP Consumption Estimate - Not Available


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