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Customer-brand conversations across digital channels are a valuable source of insights for businesses. They can help identify why customers leave, how to prevent revenue loss, and how to optimize support costs. But to get these insights, businesses need more than just speech-to-text technology. They need advanced NLP powered by generative AI (specifically Large Language Models, or LLMs) that can go beyond keywords and topics. 


With generative AI, businesses can analyze those multi-channel conversations more deeply and accurately to help them make better decisions and provide more effective customer support. Ultimately, this will improve customer retention and financial performance through lower churn, up sales, and lower support cost. 

What is Customer Interaction Insights?

Customer Interaction Insights (CII) processes and analyzes customer interactions like voice calls, chat and call transcripts, and social media interactions to derive actionable insights for both customers and support agents.  

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Target industries


Healthcare (Payors)


Media, telecom, and ISPs


Retail & CPG

Financial Services-Icon

Banking & Insurance

Key features

Here are the key features that make CII the best solution to help understand customer-brand conversations and derive actionable insights. 


Transcript accuracy

Microsoft-powered Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine supporting multiple languages and accents  


NLP capabilities

Cutting-edge NLP technology that analyzes conversations and derives actionable insights 


Pre-trained AI models

Industry-specific models accelerate time-to-value and help generate highly accurate insights 

Multi channel

Multi-channel intelligence

Mines customer interactions across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey to generate insights 

Unified console

Unified console

Allows all stakeholders to keep a tab on emerging trends and check for issues 



Improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Cost reduction

Reduction in support costs


Improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR) rates

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