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Customer Insights end to end with CDP

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Customer data platforms (CDPs) are designed to be a single source of truth by ingesting data from disparate data sources to achieve a 360-degree view of an organization’s customers. For organizations looking to find a way to tear down data siloes and gain a more holistic view of their customers, CDPs presents an exciting opportunity to achieve just that.

A CDP takes data from an organization’s disparate data sources to provide a unified customer profile. CDPs that leverage AI can take this a step further by analyzing the data and customer profiles to extract new insights about customers.

All of these capabilities mean CDPs can provide organizations with actionable insights, plus help drive revenue and marketing ROI with improved segmentation and personalization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a CDP that takes the basic functionality of a CDP and augments it with its suite of advanced features and integrations, including AI and Machine Learning models.

With access to Microsoft’s library of connectors, AI/ML, and the Power Platform, you’ll be able to create more complete profiles and see faster results without being dependent on consultants or IT assistance.

Organizations that want to tailor their CDP, leverage specialized machine learning or AI models, or need to ingest data from sources not supported out of the box can do so by partnering with Fractal. We have an extensive library of data connectors and AI/ML models for Customer Insights. Also, we have deep experience building custom models and connectors for an organization in virtually any industry.

Customer Insights
Power of Microsoft platforms

Tap into the power of Microsoft platforms

Customer Insights gives you access to Microsoft’s extensive library of pre-built data connectors to help businesses gain faster time to value. Plus, you can power up your customer profiles with AI by leveraging Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services, as well as Fractal’s library of custom AI models.

Additionally, leveraging Customer Insights enables organizations to enrich their customer data via access to proprietary Microsoft data sources such as LinkedIn.

Microsoft Common Data Model

Keep your data consistent across applications

Like other solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 portfolio, Dynamics Customer Insights leverages the Microsoft Common Data Model to provide a consistent and common language for data processing. This makes integration of multiple Microsoft solutions a simple, straightforward process.

Additionally, formatting data into a common model makes integration of third-party services a more straightforward process as it provides a single format to map disparate data sources too.

Customer Insights

Build your own applications, workflows and dashboards

Organizations can use insights to take action and grow their business with the Microsoft toolbox. By combining Customer Insights and Power Platform, organizations can do more with their data by automating inefficient processes, quickly building applications, and customizing their reports and dashboards.

Additionally, by leveraging Microsoft AI and Machine Learning services, organizations can achieve automated marketing personalization, including automatically identifying new customer segments and initiating marketing campaigns targeting them. This enables organizations to swiftly act on new or limited time opportunities and drive more customer engagement and sales.


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