Enabling people and product intelligence at scale

Streamline retail store operations with real-time, in-store insights

Insights gained from Edge Video Analytics can provide retailers with the ability to swiftly react to in-store customer behavior and product stock-outs while improving security and reducing shrinkage. With Edge Video Analytics for retail, organizations can track store foot traffic, automatically notify employees to open more checkouts due to lengthy queues, and automatically detect product stock-outs.

Organizations can use these capabilities to enable granular, to-the-hour analytics insights for individual stores, regions, or globally. These insights can be used to help improve demand forecasting, optimize supply chains, and detect variances in population preferences down to the individual store.

But what is Edge Video Analytics?

Video Analytics consists of two primary components: a digital video signal and algorithms. The algorithms analyze the video signal to provide analytics insights and enable use cases like facial recognition, foot traffic tracking, various safety and security solutions, and several other use cases.

Fractal’s Edge Video Analytics solutions for retail typically leverage Azure Stack Edge devices, IoT devices, vision AI (Artificial Intelligence), and other technologies in conjunction with in-store cameras or other video sources. 


People intelligence

People intelligence

Streamline store operations with real-time insights into in-store customer behavior with people intelligence solutions made possible with Edge Video Analytics.

By leveraging Edge Video Analytics, retail organizations gain the ability to support use cases like check-out queue monitoring to automatically notify employees to open new registers when lines get too long. Organizations can also leverage Edge Video Analytics to monitor store foot traffic, capture analytics on peak traffic, and reduce shrink by monitoring high theft areas.

Product intelligence

Drive sales, improve customer experiences, and reduce shrinkage with video product intelligence.

Edge Video Analytics can provide product intelligence in the form of stock-out detection and stock counts for floor items enable organizations to rapidly re-stock shelves. Since empty shelves directly translate to lost sales and dissatisfied customers, automated stock-out detection can drive additional sales and bolster customer satisfaction by enabling employees to rapidly restock shelves.



Our Edge Video Analytics solutions for retail can be easily deployed directly into your tenant, enabling rapid implementation and testing, making it easy to scale to additional locations.

Fractal can leverage our flexible engagement model to support your Video Analytics needs however works best for your organization, whether it be to creating a proof of concept, building a live demo in a store, or implementing people and product intelligence globally.


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