Generative AI

Smart Search

Making on-site search smarter and faster

Many major brand websites have grown extensively, accumulating substantial amounts of content. However, the effort put into this content generation can be mostly wasted due to a lack of effective and intelligent search 


Instead of addressing users’ specific questions with a genuine understanding of their needs, existing search mostly provides a laundry list of links. This ineffectiveness leads users to contact customer service via calls or chats, resulting in increased operational expenses. 


What if your company’s website search could interact in a more natural way with its visitors and truly answer their questions clearly and quickly? This is the promise of Fractal’s Generative AI-powered Smart Search solution.

What is Generative AI Smart Search?

Smart Search demo interface

Generative AI Smart Search is a new and smarter way to help visitors find information on your website.  


It helps predict user intent and determines the context to deliver highly relevant results using a flexible interface. Using this interface, users can effortlessly explore various types of content, from videos to images and other rich media, tailored to their preferences.  


It enhances conversion rates through actionable text and quick links. It can help you shorten the buyer’s journey, allowing them to find relevant information up to 80% faster.  


Moreover, the Large Language Models (LLMs) drive predictive semantic search, minimizing user effort and reducing on-site search time. 

Key features

Chat interface

Enhanced user experience

Leverage Generative AI-powered search for a ChatGPT-like user experience 


Personalized results

Provide personalized, up-to-date results aligned with current trends 


Content updates

Automatically scan and update website content 

Predictive suggestion

Predictive suggestions

Implement predictive auto suggestions, reducing user cognitive strain by 40% 

Rich media

Rich media integration

Integrate videos, images, and diverse rich media content; offer voice support and multilingual capabilities 


Call center support

Increase in website deflection of queries to contact centers

Web content

Increase in adoption and usage of website content

Lead gen

Increase in lead generation

Bounce rate

Decrease in website bounce rate


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