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Microsoft Power Platform

Gain new insights from data visualization, automate repeatable workflows, and empower employees with custom apps built on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Fractal works with organizations in any industry to understand their business challenges and assist them in their digital transformation journey, including their needs for data visualizations, identifying manual workflows that can be automated, and developing new business applications to drive success.

Fractal’s team of Power Platform experts can help accelerate the construction of business intelligence dashboards, development of applications, and implementation of robotic process automation, leading to a rapid time to value for new solutions.

Fractal builds and deploys solutions with Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps to empower your team and help you do more with data.

These technologies are building blocks that can support your business initiatives. Power Platform enables organizations to deploy and develop applications and automated process to efficiently.

  • Visualize your data with easy-to-read dashboards for deeper insights
  • Automate inefficient workflow processes to boost productivity
  • Empower your workforce with custom-built applications

A final step in any Power Platform implementation orchestrated by Fractal is activation. Activation plays a key role in Fractal’s end-to-end digital transformation services. It involves providing access and actionable, data-driven insights to end-users across the entire organization – not just the data scientists and analysts.

Microsoft Power Platform
Microsoft Power Platform


Use Power BI to build custom dashboards and data visualizations to get the information you need to make data-driven decisions that increase profit and improve performance.

Partnering with Fractal provides access to our team of Power BI experts, helping businesses accelerate Power BI deployment, train teams on advanced features and functions, and embrace a data-driven culture. This helps enable organizations to rapidly achieve highly accurate reporting and gain new, previously undiscovered insights and drive new business initiatives.

Visualizing data can provide a host of benefits, ranging from internal data governance to gaining insights into website traffic behavior to seasonal shopping trends for customers in a given store, region, or even across the globe.

Microsoft Power Platform


Improve performance and productivity by automating inefficient, time-intensive processes with Power Automate. Power Automate leverages built-in AI capabilities to create intelligent and reliable workflows to handle manual, time-consuming day-to-day activities. This enables employees to focus their attention on new projects and initiatives to drive more business value.

Partner with Fractal to tap into our deep expertise with AI/ML, RPA, and Power Automate and allow your team to focus on high-value tasks.

Power Platform


Enable employees to rapidly overcome business challenges by arming teams with applications built-in Power Apps. Power Apps provides a simplified way to build low-code applications, making it easier for users to rapidly develop and test solutions for unique business challenges as they arise.

When organizations partner with Fractal to implement Power Platform, our team of Power Apps experts will work with the organization to create Power Apps-based applications to solve the organization’s unique challenges. As a part of this partnership, Fractal can train the organization in best practices for creating applications with Power Apps, enabling them to build robust, effective applications with little to no code or specialized training.

Solution: Power BI Usage Insights

Organizations with large Power BI deployments may want to create corporate governance policies for Power BI dashboards to help control dashboard growth, prioritize support, and identify dashboards for decommissioning.

Fractal has created our Power BI Usage Insights solution to help support corporate governance for Power BI. Power BI Usage Insights enables organizations to discover all Power BI dashboards in a given tenant and provides visualizations of their usage rates and who is using which dashboards. This helps organizations identify potentially abandoned dashboards for decommissioning and identify those most vital to the organization. Knowing which are used most by the organization can help prioritize dashboard support requests.

Power BI Usage Insights can also help identify unusual user behavior, such as potential bad actors attempting to download confidential information.

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Solution Power BI Usage Insights

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