Phil Melson​

Phil is a Client Partner and leader in the retail practice. He works closely to define and refine the most pressing business challenges, develop a customized analytic approach & distill data into clear insights and recommendations to unlock value for the enterprise.

Phil has over 20 years of consulting and analytics experience working directly with many Fortune 500 retailers globally. Some of his key engagements include redesigning an extensive dollar chain pricing strategy to be more localized and reflective of the competitive and macroeconomic factors; guiding a regional grocer on its M&A strategy and its ultimate execution; leading efforts to understand drivers of renewal for one of the US’ most extensive warehouse club membership programs & redesign the value proposition and partnering with one of the largest global retailers to successfully accelerate analytics & insights discipline in their international markets.

Phil has a keen interest in using analytics to uncover the drivers of consumer behavior, connectivity among price, promotion, and assortment, and geographic clustering & multivariate analysis on store/customer-level performance. Additionally, he is also passionate about the cross-pollination of analytic techniques and frameworks across industry domains.

Phil has done his bachelor’s in business administration from Catawba College and MBA from Wingate University.