Empowering women to be financially independent

  • Empowering women to augment their family income, increase their share of family income or increase their savings towards desired goals almost always benefits an entire family unit. At Fractal, we actively encourage procurement of company supplies, mementoes and giveaways from collectives run by women for the upliftment of the economically disadvantaged. Regular CSR bazaars held at various office locations encourage lady artisans, entrepreneurs to exhibit and connect with potential customers amongst our colleagues. Some such collectives have included women weavers from Madhya Pradesh, sustainable textile and stationery manufacturers from Karnataka, upcycled paper product manufacturers from Tamil Nadu. The Fractal CSR bazaars are popular and anticipated events that often symbolize the beginning of shopping for festive occasions amongst Fractal colleagues.
  • Fractal’s work with its CSR partners also sees it contribute towards skill enhancement and financial inclusion of lady employees in the educational institutions supported by Fractal.