Shailendra Singh

Shailendra is the Chief Growth Officer at Fractal. He comes with over 27 years of experience spanning building a unicorn,, acquired by Fractal. Shailendra specializes in guiding enterprises with their GTM strategies, helping them scale, win clients and become successful in the journey. His expertise helps build commercial effectiveness, ensuring that customer acquisitions are strategic and profitable with a win-win relationship.

At Fractal, Shelly is focused on building new geography, helping in the acquisition and growth of the select practice, and contributing towards the billion-dollar revenue company across services businesses.

Previously, Shelly built as the founder and CEO. He has also worked at MarketsandMarkets, Mu Sigma, IBM, and Daksh. He has a keen interest in monetizing data, getting signals and avoiding noise, and empowering people to make impactful and sustainable decisions using the power of AI, engineering, and design. Shelly has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Delhi University, ICWAI, from Delhi, and completed an executive program for negotiations from Harvard Business School.