Soudip Roy Chowdhury

Soudip has nearly two decades of experience spanning product development, research, AI, and enterprise software development roles. He has led several data science activities for Fractal’s AI products and accelerators. He also played a significant role in developing enterprise software for IBM, Rakuten, and others.

Soudip has co-authored 5 US patents and 12+ international peer-reviewed journals and publications. He is a member of Forbes Technology Council, technical advisor for DevNetwork, San Francisco, and has held academic positions in the University of Paris Sud and IITKGP.

Soudip has a keen interest in using AI for good. He believes in building AI products to solve complex real-life problems (e.g., climate change) by changing priorities for people and processes. He is currently building Eugenie, an enterprise AI-SaaS platform for operational intelligence. Soudip has a Ph.D. in recommender systems and machine learning from the University of Trento, Italy.​