Summary Note-APAC CAB

Change defines evolution. Organizations that adapt to change evolve to deliver better business. The changing conditions of the last year led to several insights, newer problems to solve, and fast-tracked innovation. Enterprises that quickly adapted survived and sailed through, and some even found more unique purposes to fulfill. Better decisions made all the difference at every step.

Fractal’s Client Advisory Board (CAB), the 2-day virtual event, brought together executives from Fortune 500 companies to share their decision-making journey and its impact on business outcomes. The virtual APAC CAB was hosted by James Taylor, the award-winning virtual keynote speaker, and was packed with several insightful sessions and conversations on how to power better decisions for enterprises.

Day 1

Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder, Group Chief Executive & Vice Chairman of Fractal, kickstarted the event by diving into the theme of #BetterDecisions. He stressed the need to accelerate AI capabilities for business advantage. He also unpacked the role of AI, engineering, and design and the three simple formulas to drive results at scale, reduce errors, and improve organizational effectiveness.

Following the keynote, Srikanth hosted a panel on driving cutting-edge innovating from India. NT Arunkumar, Kalavathi GV, and Venkataramanan SV shared insightful perspectives on their business impact journey. The common catalyst among all their journeys was the testing, pilot, launch, and adoption of AI capabilities at scale, driven by an energetic team and backed by inspiring leadership.

The day’s final session saw Dimitri Semenovich present his insights on attribution, causality, and marketing effectiveness. His session threw light on several concepts, including budgeting, marketing mix modeling, and the need for experimentation.

This day closed with peer-to-peer sessions on user adoption, value creation, and data democratization.

Day 2

On the closing day of this virtual CAB 2021 event, members discussed strategy and more, followed by a cracking fireside chat with Eric Chen, Ashwin Sinha, and Sandeep Dutta. The conversation was around scaling AI solutions and landing them for business impact. The experts spoke about the importance of identifying and solving pain points consistently to drive the desired outcomes. They also stressed why defining the problem statement is imperative to achieve tangible results. The other key aspects to this are healthy productization, smart user adoption, and a switch from user to owner mindset.

The second session for the day was an inspiring session on the Speed of Trust, presented by Stephen M. R. Covey, leadership coach, and bestselling author. He spoke about how trust is the one thing that changes everything and its relevance to the business world. Trust, he explains, is not a mere virtue but an economic driver. Building a culture of trust gets work done faster, translating into tangible benefits. Stephen provided the participants with handouts and exercises to deep dive into their organizational culture and how trust can be learned. He also stressed that Trust is the #1 leadership skill in today’s times. Wrapping up the event, Srikanth presented a closing summary note with insights and perspectives from members.

Today, it is more important than ever for businesses to deliver outcomes and to stay top of mind to the customer. This can happen only by getting closer to the consumer and understanding their purchasing decision, pain points, and contextual needs. It begins by making better decisions within the organizations to uplift processes with AI and analytics. CAB is just one of the many ways Fractal empowers better decisions in enterprises and will always remain a constant to connect with industry leaders, executives, and businesses.

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