The Forrester Wave™: Specialized Insights Service Providers, Q2 2020

Analyst Brandon Purcell mentions, Fractal Analytics owns the Final Mile of analytics. Fractal knows that customer analytics is only half the battle, while the other half is implementing the resulting insights in a meaningful way. That’s why in 2018 the vendor acquired Final Mile, a behavioral science company focused on activating analytics to influence consumer and social behavior. Fractal invests a good chunk of its revenue into R&D, and the result is a slew of products that accelerate time-to-value, such as Customer Genomics, its continuously learning personalization engine. Internally, Fractal has fully embraced the ethos of client centricity, as client NPS is its most important metric and informs bonus payouts across the company from top to bottom.

On the surface, Fractal’s mission — to add $1 billion of value to each of its clients — seems bold yet implausible. However, it has done so for at least one client and, given its long roster of top enterprise clients, is well positioned to repeat this feat. Client references were overwhelmingly positive, though one advised less-mature clients, “If you are early in your data journey, you need to ask them for help on the basics.” Companies looking for large-scale opportunities to transform their business with analytics should consider Fractal.