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Re-imagining Business with AI-enabled SaaS Solutions on Google Cloud

The past year saw both public and private sectors embracing digital transformation. The power of AI and the change it can bring about has indeed been a boon in these unprecedented times. Leading enterprises across industries quickly understood the need for change and adopted AI-enabled solutions to drive better and faster decision-making. This trend continued across sectors, from manufacturing to retail.

The social changes and uncertainties posed several challenges for businesses in delivering the ideal customer experience. But enterprises were also steadfast and did not want to compromise. This sudden shift in customer demand and organizational grit amplified the role of data science in understanding the insights of the new normal. Operations worldwide were brought to a halt, but that did not stop enterprises from learning and fixing the gaps. It got to the spotlight the need for robust AI, engineering, and design capabilities.

Today, enterprises are reimaging business and are delivering with a difference. The transformation is real, it is here to stay, and the future is full of potential. How did this change happen, and how are businesses utilizing AI and Cloud? Listen to industry experts share their thoughts and perspectives. In this webinar, Nirav Sheth from Google Cloud, Brian Hartwell from Snowflake, Tami Kelly from Crux Intelligence, Jordan Sher from OpsRamp, and Satish Raman from Fractal discuss the present and the future of AI-enabled solutions on the Cloud. The experts also answer questions to throw insights on the various AI-enabled applications the world can look forward to.

Key takeaways:

  1. Enterprises that are quick to adapt are capable of surviving and thriving through the unknown.
  2. AI-enabled solutions have proven to meet organizational demands at scale.
  3. AI enables business leaders to make better decisions faster than ever before.
  4. Google Cloud plays a significant role in driving the adoption.