High digital abandonment rates are typical for brands across domains; driven mainly by the experiential issues faced by the site users during their journey. Identification of these friction points can be burdensome for businesses as they struggle to digest the new wealth of granular data generated along their customers' digital journey.


Many teams are still basing many of their experience decisions on instinct which is certainly not the most optimal way of improving website design. With AIDE (Automated Insights for Digital Evolution), you can now capture every in-page interaction and micro-gesture to understand site user’s journey to identify frustrations, and errors that impact conversion and self-serve rate. AIDE can enable businesses to troubleshoot faster to resolve issues and recover potential revenue and leads.

Confidently improve the digital experience

Don't let friction and errors spoil the experiences you have build for visitors. Leverage best-in-class AI/ML modules to identify struggle points and recommend changes to drive design improvements.

Legacy digital reporting platforms often are limited in understanding the consumer journey.

  • AIDE

    'Exits on the page' doesn't mean the customer faced friction on that page

  • AIDE

    Unable to trace back to the point of friction as consumer digital journeys are complex

  • AIDE

    Identifying the root cause of friction becomes challenging by using just the clickstream feed

What AIDE can do for you

Best in class AI-based suite of algorithms across different genres which ensures optimum results


  • AIDE helps you make smarter decisions at every step. AIDE uses AI and analytics to analyze millions of digital consumer touchpoints to provide you insights to increase revenue, engagement, and growth for your business.

  • It identifies the root cause of friction right from a call, chat, and website errors and uses AI to parse out key signals from all the unstructured data in the customer journey.

  • Get the most comprehensive insights into the digital journey to drive data-driven hypotheses for supporting A/B test to drive website design changes to improve the consumer experience.

AIDE features

  • Sensorize: An automated AI/ML pipeline to derive meaningful business indicators using the click activity across customer journeys.
  • Detect: Deviations from expected behavior across digital journeys get captured by applying pattern recognition algorithms to the key digital indicators.
  • Locate: A suite of supervised machine learning algorithms to identify drivers of key customer journey outcomes (drop-off, clear cart, etc.) and measure relative impact at a page & click level on a customer’s experience.
  • Reveal: NLP module to perform sentiment analysis and entity extraction on the voice of customer data such as chat; feedback etc. to identify the root cause of the friction and generate actionable insights.
  • Prioritize: Quantify the insights with respect to loss in revenue or incremental overhead costs to prioritize hypotheses for improving website design .

Our Thinking

Case Studies

  • Sweeten the buyer journey for your customers
    6 min. read

    Sweeten the buyer journey for your customers

    Fractal developed and deployed an innovative patent pending technology called AIDE to uncover the reasons for dissonance and enable operationalization. Download our latest case study to learn how it resulted in significant turn-around results of the digital-first buying journey.

  • How a large Telecom provider delivers over $1Bn in CLV with reduced friction on the digital journeyHow a large Telecom provider delivers over $1Bn in CLV with reduced friction on the digital journey
    5 min. read

    How a tech major removed cognitive dissonance in buying journeys and created $1B in incremental CLV

    A large telecommunication provider saw a continuous decline in the digital conversion rate. With Fractal’s digital optimization platform AIDE (Automated Insights for Digital Evolution) it helped to get over $1Bn in CLV with reduced friction on the digital journey.

Explanatory videos

AIDE for e-Commerce
AIDE for Healthcare

AIDE for your business

AIDE is a smart digital solution for a broad range of industries including retail, finance & insurance, telecommunications, tech, media, and more. AIDE uses customizable, open-source AI that works well with the complex journeys, data security, and time to market needs for multiple industries. It's an insight "orchestrated platform supported by natural language generated insights.

  • It selects the sales or service flow to influence particular focus points
  • It identifies the select data domains to create a journey sensor
  • It then goes to detect the most important anomalies across key performance indicators
  • Does a journey analysis to locate friction on the website
  • Finds the friction point on the website using various journey sensors
  • Voice of customer analysis to add contexts to insights

Our People

  • Nishant Sinha

    Nishant Sinha

    Principal Consultant
    • Leads AI based digital optimization and personalization capabilities
    • Drive AI industrialization across FSI & TMT domain
    • SME for contact center problems focused on customer experience and cost optimization
  • Ram Mehta

    Ram Mehta

    Product Owner and Customer Success Lead
    • Owns AIDE product development
    • Leads delivery operations for AI based digital optimization and contact center cost optimization solutions
    • Strong experience in consulting & delivery of analytics programs across CPG, Retail and BFSI domains
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